COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Ohio's unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent in March, down from 6.5 percent in February.

The state added 600 jobs over the month, with 5.2 million Ohioans working. The number of unemployed Ohioans dropped 24,000 to 353,000. The number of unemployed has decreased by 68,000 in the past 12 months from 421,000.

"When we look at the business survey, there was a net increase of 600 jobs, but in the private sector, the state added 3,800 jobs," said Ben Johnson, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Ohio is back below the national unemployment rate of 6.7 percent. The state's unemployment rate a year ago was 7.3 percent.

Sectors that saw gains in employment were construction, professional and business services and educational and health services.