COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Opponents of Common Core standards in Ohio rallied at the Statehouse urging lawmakers to back a bill to repeal them.

Among the speakers, Jenni White who is heading the effort to repeal Common Core in Oklahoma. She shared stories of how they were able to get support in the legislature. The bill now awaits a signature by Gov. Mary Fallin. White says that signature could be big.

"I think you will see the dam break and legislators all over the country start listening to parents," she said.

One of the biggest issues opponents have is they feel like they're losing local control of their schools to the federal government.

"It all honestly it all boils down to what you can do in your own district, in your own school, with your own child," White said.

She's also upset about the fact that teachers are having to simply teach to the tests. There are also questions about some of the methods used in the standards.

Opponents say states were held hostage with federal funding for education tied to mandates to implement Common Core.

Supporters of the standards say many of the fears raised by opponents are unfounded.

"Talking about protecting children and this over-reach of the federal government, I really believe it's a misrepresentation of what the Common Core standards are all about," said Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers.

She says there will still be plenty of local control under Common Core.

"When we ask people to identify what is a problem with the standard, they actually can't find any standards that they don't like," Cropper said.

A bill to repeal Common Core in Ohio was introduced last July, but has only received one hearing so far.