AMMA, W.Va. (WSPD) -- A Pennsylvania man is in jail after flipping his SUV filled with chickens and ammunition on a West Virginia interstate early Friday morning. 

West Virginia State Police say Seth Grim was on Interstate 79 in Roane County when he rolled his vehicle. Investigators say his dog tried to jump out of the window.

 "There was a dog in the vehicle that caused him to be distracted, he lost control, and flipped the vehicle over," said Lt. Michael Baylous.  

When emergency crews arrived on the scene they found 35 to 40 chickens, a jar of what appeared to be marijuana, and an AK-47 with a large amount of ammunition.

 "We found some altered fireworks," Baylous said. That prompted a call to the WVSP Bomb Squad.  

WOWK-TV in Charleston reported that the dog and several of the chickens died in the crash.  

Grim, who turned 21 on Tuesday, was taken to a regional jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He had only minor injuries.

 "It's my understanding that he declared to officers that he is what he considers a sovereign citizen," said Baylous.  

The accident had the interstate shut down for about 5 hours.