COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Supporters of requiring voters in Ohio to show a photo ID are launching an effort to get state lawmakers to act.

The Ohio Christian Alliance is going forward with an initiated statute petition. It would give lawmakers four months to act on a the bill and if they don't would allow for it to possibly appear on the ballot in 2015.

"The numbers don't lie. There is an increase in voter fraud in the state of Ohio," said Ohio Christian Alliance president Chris Long.

Even with an increase, the number of cases make up a fraction of a percent of the total number of votes cast. Tom Zawistowski with the Portage County TEA Party says their goal is to protect all votes.

"It's all about defending the citizens, the common person who trusts the system and votes and expects their vote to count," he said.

The Ohio House passed a photo ID proposal during the last legislative session, but it never got a vote in the Ohio Senate. This year's bill is backed by Rep. John Becker, a Clermont County Republican. He believes there is support in the House, but doesn't think that support exists in the Senate.

"I'm hopeful that we can get this passed through the legislature, because that's the right way to do it, but if not I'm confident - not just hopeful - I'm confident that we can do it through the ballot," said Zawistowski.

Long claims that 70 percent of Americans and Ohioans support mandating that voters show a photo ID.

Opponents of the proposal claim that it would disproportionally impact minority and low-income voters.