NEW YORK, New York (WSPD) --The former director of the Ohio State University Marching Band says the report of characterizing the band as some sort of "Animal House" fraternity is inaccurate.

Jon Waters, making his first public statements on the scandal, appeared on a number of local and national news shows Tuesday, saying the University's report that found a culture of sexuality within the band was one-sided.

And Waters told ABC's "Good Morning America", "When you're dealing with a culture that has been entrenched since the 1930's, you're not going to change it overnight".

Waters, on NBC's "Today" show, said as Assistant Band Director, he moved to change certain behaviors, but says he "couldn't affect total policy at that time."

"Respect, camaraderie and discipline--all those things you see on the field? They're also happening in the hearts and souls of our band members", Waters said.

Asked if he would fight to get his job back, Waters told the "Today" show he would like the chance to continue the work he started.