.In my continuing quest to tweak the Heat, how about this...

If Love's dissatisfaction with the Wolves were to continue and signs pointed to him opting out then they've got to explore getting what they can. The issue with dealing for Bosh is that the team acquiring him risks losing him for nothing if he opts for free agency next summer and flies off. But yes, he'd be risking money in that case, the same way Dwight Howard is by leaving Laker dollars on the table. 

I expect my Improving The Heat series to continue throughout the Finals and as we navigate past the draft and then free agency.

Wade looked lifeless last night. 

Bosh couldn't hit open shots.

Lebron looked disinterested. If I can sit on my couch and see that his most productive and reliable teammates this postseason have been anyone but Wade and Bosh, then so can he. If he said 'screw it, I've given them 18 incredible games, then I'm not saving their asses tonight,' ummmm I wouldn't be surprised. 

Leonard played excellent defense on Lebron last night - and in the series - but there was one steal where James basically allowed Leonard easy access to the ball for another Spurs break.

I've praised Spoelstra from game to game, but in his in game reactions have been slow to non-existent. Run Danny Green off the three point, even at the expense of the Spurs other options. He's 16(!) of 23 on 3's. I'm not one for thuggery, but sometimes a message needs to sent. He needs to be put on the bench, when he's one of the 5 on the floor. Get that?

This is from before last night's game, but I'm sorry, I can't buy that Wade and Bosh are un/in-amnestiable

The ranks of amnesty-eligible players have dwindled to a mere 37, as 15 teams have already made use of the one-time provision and the rest of the league’s players are no longer eligible to be amnestied because they’ve been traded or signed after July 1, 2011. For the sake of thoroughness, we’ll touch on each of those 37 candidates, the vast majority of which are hardly realistic candidates.

(For reference, the following teams have already used the amnesty clause to release a player: Brooklyn, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Golden State, Houston, Indiana, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland and Washington.)

.The whole NSA saga is like Section 31from Star Trek: DS9. 

You might call Section 31 the Federation's id. Its mandate is to defend the Federation from any and all threats, at any price. Kidnapping, deception, manipulation—even genocide—are all acceptable instruments in Section 31's toolbox.

"The Federation claims to abhor Section 31's tactics, but when they need the dirty work done, they look the other way," says Odo, one of the characters onDeep Space Nine. "It's a tidy little arrangement, wouldn't you say?"

Sometimes you must do things that are morally wrong for the greater good of all. If Ben Sisko can, then so can...

.It may have required some roster maneuvering but the Tigers could've kicked the tires on Henry Rodriguez, who's signed on with the Cubs

He can't seem to get his walks under control, but when there's a guy available who could boost your relief core and he's averaging a strikeout per inning thanks to upper 90s velocity, due diligence is necessary.