Time to battle the sabermetricians again. Numbers are great. I love them to help craft viewpoints and attain perspective. There's also reality. It's a fun little setting more people should strive to visit more frequently.

Andy Dirks has been in the Majors for parts of three seasons. 2012 was his best year. I believe it was a hamstring that limited him to 344 PAs, but in them he accumulated an OPS of .857 and an OPS+ of 129.

Last year Dirks battled through a balky knee to to his most PAs ever, 484. As tweeted, Dirks was without power due to the knee, finishing the season with a slugging percentage of .363. To create some context, Jose Iglesias' career slugging percentage is .354. 

He's injury prone, and you can't effectively project his worth without factoring in his inability to stay healthy. 

In a more brusque way of putting it, ain't no way he's reaching 600 PAs, and 500 will likely be a challenge too. 

Leave him on the bench, limit his PAs to mostly right handers, and perhaps in a more calculated situational role, Dirks can recapture his 2.3 WAR productivity of '12.