No arbitration for the Tigers and Max Scherzer. They settle on whopping $15.525 million for the 2014, likely Scherzer's last as a Tiger...if he even makes it to Lakeland!

The other pre-arb settlements were...

$8.5 for Rick Porcello

$6 for Austin Jackson

$1.625 for Andy Dirks

Quick thoughts...

I'm not wavering from my trade Scherzer (for the right package) stance. And as you can see Porcello is getting pricey too. He's likely assured of another hefty raise next year, and then following the '15 season he can be a free agent.


Let's stop that from happening. 

The Tigers will be a drastically improved defensive team this year. As a result of that, don't gag when I say Rick Porcello may get All Star consideration. 

Scott Boras is not his agent, so a reasonable deal well before Porcello's freedom is possible. We'll have to wait and see how deals for Matt Garza, Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez are constructed, but I'm very amenable to a 5 year $75 million dollar leap of faith on Porcello. That would take him through his age 30 season. Then adios 'old man.'

As for Scherzer, many predicted his 2014 salary would be around $13 million. That was way off! My guess is that $15.5 came from the Tigers offering 12ish, and Boras balls-ily asking for 18ish.  

For reference, Scherzer made $6.725 last year. 

So Boras wanted triple Max's '13 salary. 


Now that we know the size of the Kershaw deal, I'd expect Boras with a very straight face, and a 3000 page attache on his client's achievements, to ask for a similar deal. I don't think he'll get that same deal, but Boras can ask because the Dodgers weren't bidding against anyone for Kershaw. Scherzer will likely be a free agent and you're aware how Boras can ratchet up bids. 

He may get more now, but my reasonable projection for Scherzer is 6 years, $150 million, and you can shake my hand - as opposed to twisting my arm - and get another year at the same AAV.