Earlier this week, even before Joe Nathan's outing in Los Angeles registered on the Richter Scale, I dubbed the Tigers closers long bouts of theatricality, the Curse Of Bert. Due to distinct possibility that Bert Blyleven (7.2 WAR)should have won the 1984 AL Cy Young and not Willie Hernandez (4.8).


As Blyleven went to the dark stages of his 15 years of Hall candidacy, eventually being elected in his 14th year eligible, Blyleven placed a spell on Tigers closers, because with that '84 Cy honor, his Hall induction would've come much sooner than 2011. 

With tongue still in cheek, I ask if Dave Dombrowski has exercised some dark voodoo magic on former Tigers.

To exact some type of spiritual revenge for the losses of Andy Dirks, Bruce Rondon and Julio Iglesias, the Tigers GM pricked voodoo dolls bearing the likenesses of Doug Fister, Jhonny Peralta, and Avisail Garcia.


Fister has not pitched yet this season for the Nationals, due first to an elbow inflammation, but now he's fighting through a lat strain. Maybe we'll see you before the All Star break Doug.

Garcia, out for the season now, tore the labrum in his left shoulder yesterday after diving to make a catch. Did Garcia really intend to dive for the ball? Or was there some type of incorporeal shove?

While Jhonny Peralta's evaded Dombrowski's spell of health woes, his batting average has not been as elusive. Peralta has 2 home runs on the season. Unfortunately those are his only two hits in 34 plate appearances, subjecting the former Tiger shortstop to an .069 average. 

Not even likable, mild-mannered Omar Infante could escape Dombrowski's skills with the Dark Arts.. A few days ago the Rays Heath Bell struck Infante in the face with a pitch, leaving him with a sprained jaw. Dombrowski likely burned a piece of Bell's hair at the very second he went to deliver the pitch to Infante causing him searing pain and forcing him to lose control of pitch.


***Nick Roddy notes Jacob Turner is ALSO out now with shoulder troubles. Dave's voodoo doesn't stop***