Wait a second. Didn't any Lions fan from those who ran Barry Sanders until he slowed up (late in the year) in Super Tecmo Bowl, to those who loathed, and EVEN adored Jim Schwartz, want the Lions to jump up in the draft and select WIDE RECEIVER Sammy Watkins!?

To quote...something, or someone, why u so mad? Or is that, you mad bro?

I'm satisfied with the Lions selection of masquerading tight end Eric Ebron.

Yep, I've been against moving up - giving up valuable assets to make Watkins a Lion. Hugging the cap so tightly, the Lions picks AKA cheap human labor are invaluable. Color me red, white and Ralph Wilson when I saw that it was the Bills jumped that vaulted up to four to take Watkins, whom the Lions will face TWICE this year; and Schwartz as well. LOL. 

My maxim to quell the Watkins wonderment has always been 'did you not watch any NFL in February...when a historic offense and a Hall Of Fame quarterback scored A touchdown against the Seahawks?!' 

Yet another hundred million+plus viewers for a Super Bowl, buuuuuuut, what, Lions fans missed the game? Doubt it. 

The Lions needed - and still required - an impact, havoc-wreaking player on defense. Preferably in the back seven. I've said this for weeks and weeks. 

When Justin Gilbert and Anthony Barr went at 7 and 8, I think that Lions believed that the obvious defensive difference makers had vanished from the draft board. 

Two quick subtexts. Why did the Vikings let the Browns move up a single spot? My conjecture is that the Lions called Minnesota hoping to get Gilbert. Not wanting to deal with the Oklahoma State corner harassing their emerging star Cordarrelle Patterson twice a year, the Vikings dialed up the Browns and said 'we're going to deal this pick for YOUR guy Gilbert to Detroit, unless you make us an offer.' The Browns did. They grabbed Gilbert to pair with Joe Haden - in a spectacular night for Cleveland - and the Vikings now attempt to use Barr as Jared Allen's pass rushing successor. 

Local matriculation aside, why not select Darqueze Dennard? The answer may be with where Dennard was taken. 24th by the Bengals. Aside from Aaron Donald not rising into the top ten, Dennard may have had the non-Manziel, unexpected plummet of the night. The Bears passed on him for Kyle Fuller. The Jets and Packers went with the two top twenty safeties. 

Dennard may not have been the 1a to Gilbert as many thought going into the draft. 

Trade down? For what? You don't know what's being offered to Martin Mayhew. To where? Likely no further down than 13 with the Rams, because you'd think if the Lions do want to slide down it's likely to take Fuller, who went 14 to Chicago. 

Slide down to 13, take Fuller and pick up a 4th round pick, at best? 


Wait, one more thing. If you want to eviscerate Martin Mayhew, do it for letting Cleveland and Minnesota grab players they possibly would've been content with. Skewer him for not taking a potential successor for Suh and/or Fairley in Aaron Donald. 

Back to or.

...or taking a player who COULD turn out to be a better offensive player than Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans?


Yes I said that. 

First off, if you believe the Lions are crowded at tight end, then it's last year's 7th round pick from Alabama, Michael Williams, that creates the herd. Brandon Pettigrew is a primarily a blocker. Joseph Fauria is a less gifted and less polished version of Eric Ebron, who as far as we know, right now is still just a red zone project. 

Second, Jimmy Graham has already filed a grievance on behalf of Ebron stating that he's a wide receiver. 

Third, the Lions didn't have give up any of their essentially priceless drafts picks, this weekend, or next year, to acquire a player who could be equally as terrifying to defenses as Watkins or Evans. 

After the first pick, did the Lions do anything but inject themselves into 42-38 games? Nope. So now the obligation is to cull impact defensive players from the final six rounds of the draft. 

If you don't think that's possible, then Google Sherman, Richard & Chancellor, Kam. 

And, give the Lions the remaining modicum of faith you have in them because in their first draft with with Brian Xanders on board, they selected a viable ROY and candidate and potential annual All Pro in the third round in Larry Warford, a quality rotational pass rusher in the fourth in Devin Taylor, a diminutive back they weren't afraid to give playing time to in the sixth in Theo Riddick, Fauria AND LaAdrian Waddle were undrafted contributors, and they even correctly drafted a punter! 

If the Lions manage half that haul the rest of the way, and the impact is on the defensive side of the ball the player selection meeting will have been a success for the Lions. 

Additional first round thoughts:

 And Jerry let BILLIONS down :(.


At the very least, the Browns should eave night one of the draft knowing they have a competent and a GM. Manziel cost them Trent Richardson and one of their 10 picks they entered the night with. Minimal cost and risk. 

Now, being the Browns, they can...


I may be in love with the Cardinals. They got a safety who can annihilate, but they could've taken Bridgewater (or Carr), whose name was not mentioned ONCE all night.