1. I said it within minutes of the Chris Davis crossing midfield of Jordan Hare Stadium with the clock at zero; all things considered - gravity of the game, venomous atmosphere, outdoing the OSU/UM finish - that's the single greatest and most dramatic sporting moment of my life. 

2. On Monday, I still believe it my sentiment from Saturday night, so it's not hyperbole.  

3. Saturday evening, I thought Auburn just went toe to toe with the team of the century, and Ohio State, granted in a fever pitched, unmatched rivalry game, was pushed to the brink of a loss by a team that was a lot more bad than good in 2013. Auburn should jump Ohio State in the BCS rankings. They made up ground but didn't surpass OSU.

4. I like chaos, and I also like Alabama - more on that shortly. Michigan State could certainly stifle the Buckeyes, however, favored by a zillion I can't imagine Florida State losing to Duke (football, I know, right?!). 


How cool chaotic would it be if Florida State and Ohio State lost, and Auburn beat Missouri in the SEC title game. 

Do you know who'd likely play in the BCS title game?! Lol. Think January 2012 and how pissed off most of the country was, while I was one of the few championing the 'you're darn right they're the two best teams' cause. 

LSU and Bama.

This year? #rerematch. Alabama and Auburn. Yes, please. 

I've long been a proponent of the BCS. I realize that's like saying I like the taste of rabbit shit. I'm one of the few. 

Due to every major sport having a playoff, and some inviting half the teams, American fans have bought into what I like to call sports socialism. Everyone deserves a chance! And it's terrific when a darling underdog captures our emotions and breaks throught the gauntlet and wins a title. 

Personally I find that absurd. 

This is one of the few areas where I find myself to be extremely conventional. 

I like when the best team (like the word value, I know that definition can be debated) wins the championship. Call me old fashioned, or unfair if you'd like. 

I breathed a sigh of relief when the Red Sox won the World Series. They were the best team in baseball, and that was undoubtedly proven over the trial of a 162. Over the longest season in pro sports, it's hard to think good fortune will be at your side almost on command to garner the most wins in the game. Sure there's luck some days, but over 180 days of baseball luck is truly the residue of design. 

Sure those Giants wins over the Patriots were when the games mattered the most, but frame it how you'd like, I think there should be a better reward than being upset for traversing the four rigorous and injury filled months of the NFL schedule. 

Alabama is the best team in college football. 

...and that's all I need to support the belief above. 

I didn't see anything but the final minutes of the Iron Bowl, but I'm fine with Saban's decision to kick the field goal. I'm alright with it not because the kick came within mere feet of a win, so Saban obviously knew the kid had a shot to make it, but  the chances of doing what Chris Davis did are plausible, but slim. 

We can all remember Antonio Cromartie's return in 2008 against the Vikings making it a trendy ploy to have an elusive player underneath the goal posts. Scores came from that same instance several other times as well in the NFL. 

Yesterday, Cordarrelle Patterson of the Vikings also caught a Robbie Gould 66 yard miss 9 yards deep in the end zone and he didn't get quite as far as Cromartie or Davis did. Patterson made it to the 22 before he was brought down, by a lineman no less, and the game went to over time. I can assure you that the Chicago special teams coach warned his unit about a game ending return, in light of Davis the night before, but I doubt speedier personnel was placed on the field in case of Patterson zooming leisurely the other way. 

Alabama could have simply gone to over time, and won. Or lost. For my sports memories, I'm happy it ended the way it did, even though the it's unlikely the best team in the nation will win the title. 

Michigan, an average team, rode emotion and seized most of the opportunity to put some shine on a dreary season by nearly beating Ohio State. A team with a questionable string of victories. 

Auburn, in front of its 87 thousand fans, in the South's angriest rivalry, and the fourth ranked team in the country with only a loss AT LSU, took down the Crimson Tide. 

If this was the NCAA selection committee for March Madness, and football will have its own a year from now, we'd say OSU had poor win and was fortunate, and Bama had a quality loss. 

Bama and Florida State, unless they don't have Jameis Winston, are probably the two best teams in the country. 

They don't play title games the way my world dictates though. 

Until next year, they don't even have a four team communistic playoff for you!

We're at the mercy of the BCS rankings and all of the clandestine things that go into creating the rankings. 

I'm alright with that.  It's a computer, and you can't outargue a remorseless and cold computer. You'll think of that and me next time your PC blue screens and you either mope or become outraged. 

It may be a rigid criteria to meet, but Alabama knew exactly what it had to do win a third straight BCS title; win all of its games. They didn't and excluding one modest, and one historic upset, the Crimson Tide will not play for a third straight title. 

I'm alright with that. Because it's better than how champions were 100% subjectively determined in the pre-BCS era, and until greed turns the 4 team into a 16 team playoff, no less talented, dark horse team is going to win a title. 

Just like I know Hank Aaron is the MLB home run king, I know that Alabama is 2013's best team in college football. But you know what, I'll live with Florida State, or even Auburn being crowned the final BCS champion.