Just over a week ago the Pistons were easily handling a weakened, but still fairly formidable Spurs team. They are in the West after all!

It was John Loyer's first game as the interim head coach and he earmarked the win by doing ten and fifteen yard sprints up along his bench all while barking out offensive and defensive instructions.

Then a loss to a climbing Cavaliers team, imprinted by a box score bashing night by Tristan Thompson.

Then, the All Star break with a vital, but not necessarily changing home and home with Charlotte. 

Near all star, Al Jefferson wrecked the Pistons interior all night on Tuesday for a line of 32 points on 15 of 28 shooting, 12 boards and 7 assists. Of all the things that shouldn't happen when you have nearly 21 feet of human height overloaded on your frontline, that's one of them. 

Jefferson's been spectacular since the beginning of the calendar year, but for him to erect such a night with so little trouble was problematic. 

Hey, no problem though! We're right back at it. 

The Pistons aren't an embarassment on the road and Loyer is in the perfect position to devise a counter against Jefferson. 

If Loyer did construct a defense with more complex double teams and zone concepts, it was made irrelevant in the first quarter when Jefferson knocked down 16, 18 and 20 footers. 

Jefferson made a few more jumpers throughout the evening, but he also made his way inside and ended with another fine night of 29 points on 12 of 20 shooting and 8 boards. 

Loyer's frantic sprints and bellowing appear to have vanished and even as Jefferson was curiously knocking down outside shots, Loyer appeared to have no answers for he, or other JordanCats as Kemba Walker exploded for 24 and 16 assists, Josh McRoberts completed the pair of games 6 of 9 on 3s, and Gerald Henderson's first step on poor Kyle Singler could've put him in the running for The Flash role if it had not already been casted. 

Jefferson is plodding and unexciting, yet murderously efficient. 

The Charlotte defense is one of the league's ten best.

However, while most certainly being judged as a potential long term answer if not in Detroit, but elsewhere, and surely (hopefully) being motivated by another agitating home loss, Loyer was unable to concoct anything that Charlotte couldn't handle. 

In the eight quarters dueling Charlotte for playoff entry position, played in less than an estimated 24 hours, the Pistons managed to win just a single quarter of play. 

5-1-2 was the tally of what you already thought, but didn't know. 

Maurice Cheeks was a problem with the Pistons, but he wasn't THE problem. Good for him for having escaped this ship that's spent so much of the season underwater it may as well be a submarine. 

Perhaps John Loyer should run away from this wreck as well that Tom Gores and Joe Dumars crafted.