Sorry. No verboseness again today/right now. There's another dog in the family, so she's got my attention. Tune in tonight at 5!

- The season after the loss to Dallas in the Finals many said Lebron didn't have that cut-your-throat-out gene like Jordan and Kobe. I dunno...after the 3 to down the Warriors, I'm happy he didn't have a knife. He coulda done some damage. The Dubs announcer is right; you don't let Lebron beat you...from anywhere. Get the double out there on him.

- Because it's MUCH more socially acceptable to take your son to another country to lose his virginity, than to have a gay son. Ugh. That's Michael Sam Sr.'s prerogative, the social hypocrisy there is puzzling. 

- I changed my mind. I don't think Syracuse should hope to lose a game to refocus, or anything like that before the 6 they HAVE to win in March.

- Losing another girthy fourth quarter lead, at home, to the Cavs? Loyer-mania lasted one night. Actually, it lasted five quarters. The Pistons had exceptional movement in the first quarter, and everyone looking to get everyone else involved leading to 28 points. Then it stopped, and the shots ceased falling. 

Lionel Hollins is BEGGING to coach the Pistons

“Well, I think the kid, [Andre] Drummond, can be an outstanding defensive center. He needs to obviously develop offensively but defensively and rebounding – which is a core of being a good team is being able to rebound – he’s coming along really well. [Greg] Monroe has shown that he can score and he’s a decent passer, good team player.