The Mannings win the Web for the week, no one else should even bother signing on.

I was wrong. Last fall I said the Tigers should think about Ryan Madson. The Angels just released him. Unfortunate for Madson, good guy, and apparently he has a multiyear deal from the Phillies but agent shenanigans got in the way, the deal was pulled and Madson signed a short deal with the Reds then got hurt. I hope he can get back one day. I'm guessing he lost about $20 million. 

The Braves are 14.5 up on the Nationals. And by this point you've probably forgotten how awful BJ Upton has been. Scouring through his BR page is like looking down into the wreck of the Titanic. Dead bodies, and seaweed. Upton may be the most least valuable player ever. 

Uh oh. Search Clowney, Manziel and others in the official NCAA store and you get their team jerseys with their respective numbers. Shocking. 

A well written article on Donovan McNabb's HOF credentials. I loved Donovan, than I got more from his mouth than his body. I began to quickly dislike him. Now, to me, he's a goofy, passive aggressive guy with a lot of bones to pick and an unwillingness to come to term with a lot that happened during his career and what was said about him. 1. IMO, he's not a HOFer. His INT numbers are so low because he rarely threw high risk passes. Best Eagles QB ever, not an all time NFL great. 2. He will offer up the most head scratching comments of any analyst during the NFL season.

It took four months, but the JV of '11 and '12 showed up and wasted Cleveland last night, and MLive's Chris Iott wrote up a damn good article about it, and JV watching Shark Week.  

MLB organizations, catty blogs, or Matt Garza on Braves and Nationals Twitter accounts

Around the draft I was bearish on the Cardinals, and bullish on the Seahawks. Now, in August, swap those opinions. Put Patrick Peterson on your fantasy radar

And while RB is becoming the most frustrating and fragmented position in fantasy football, I like CJ Spiller this year a lot. Especially if he throws up.

Kick Greg Jennings ass, not your own.