Since we can't look into the future, there's no correct answer as to whether Jim Caldwell was the right choice for the Lions, or if they should've committed to Ken Whisenhunt before the Titans did, or if my choice, Mike Zimmer - now the Vikings head coach - would've been the best hire. 

Time and results will allow us to judge accurately. 

On FS1, Whisenhunt's former pupil, Matt Leinart, shared some of the same concerns I had about the potential hiring of Whisenhunt by the Lions.

"You look at his tenure in Arizona -- only two years, he had success, and in those two years, Kurt Warner ran that football team -- I was a part of it.

Before you say, 'Leinart's just bitter,' I'll remind you Leinart was given a hoard of chances to be the starter while Whisenhunt was in charge. He wasn't the starter after Warner, that was Derek Anderson, but Leinart wasn't without plentiful opportunities to claim the role.