What are the Lions doing meeting with presumptive top five pick Jadeveon Clowney? 

My first estimation of this was, HOLD UP, they just drafted Ziggy Ansah last year, why go right back to drafting a defensive end with their first pick the very next year? SOL.

This reeked of more rampant Sammy Watkins desperation. 


But HOLD UP, on my HOLD up. 

My staunch motive behind NOT wanting the Lions having anything to do with giving up whatever assets for Watkins is the very reason that Clowney could be a perfect selection. 

That is...if they can politic their way past Atlanta, who we could reasonably see swapping with St. Louis to get to two to select Clowney, they should do it.

Try to replicate the Seahawks, not the Broncos!

To refresh, in my opinion, there's no need for Watkins on the Lions offense because they already present a unit that's a dangerous automatic weapon. Watkins addition could make it a rapid fire bazooka. That's not necessary in this 'fly' era of pass happy football, especially with plenty of capable talent to be procured in the later rounds of this year' draft. (Get to the end of this, and see MY comp for Watkins.)

I'm not that anonymous deranged message board mongering, rabid follower of recruiting but Clowney had caught my eye upon his arrival at South Carolina, even before his first very sack as a freshman - when he had eight of them. Even then, at 18, he looked bigger and better than those around. 

I thought Clowney should've retired from college football after his second year.

Firstly to prevent any catastrophic injury, and second to utilize an inventive way to more prepare himself for the NFL. Such as, hiring any non-active players from this list (all time sacks) to be his personal mentor in aims of becoming the NFL's next most feared pass rusher. Troubled as he may have been since his retirement, following Lawrence Taylor train Clowney would be something to behold. 

Obviously, Clowney returned to SC for his junior year, and most believed it to be underwhelming. The prevailing criticism, whether it's right or not, was that Clowney's effort had lapsed and his commitment was questionable. If that's the case, fine. If I was worried about losing money to set up those I care about for years, because someone took a shot at me or my leg got rolled up on, I'd exercise extreme caution as well. 

Clowney probably wasn't as driven as he had been in 2012, but opponents likely also spent more time preparing for him as well. After 13 sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss, you can see why defensive coaches would do what they could to prevent Clowney from terrorizing their offenses. 

In other words, if you said, Eric, Jadeveon Clowney is the most talented football player in this May's draft, my response would be 'OK.' As in, 'what's our next debate because that ISN'T one. 

The Lions need to upgrade their secondary. Glover and Ihedigbo are an adequate back end combo, but neither will be confused with game's finest safeties. A position that's becoming more vital than ever because of the proclivity of passing plays, and often who those plays target; giant uber-freak tight ends. If your linebacker position doesn't have it's own aberration of athleticism, your safeties won't suffice if they're just solid. 

Personally, I'd accept one of draft's top corners for the Lions to select at ten - Gilbert and Dennard -  if that's what the options are. 

But if the Lions have an opportunity to add Clowney, it's not something that should be scoffed at. If the front four is so prolific it can shave off half a second of a quarterback's time to study his options, it WILL improve the the piece mealed secondary.

How in the world could they get past the Falcons, to make Clowney a Lion.

Likely by solving their Suh conundrum.

Sorry for shattering your dream line of Ansah, Suh, Fairley and Clowney. At least for the 2014 season.  

 Scott is must a follow insight about even the most obscure, small college players. 

The result of Scott and I trading tweets looked like this: While admittedly limbed like half an octopus, Suh to Dallas - a blissful marriage for both - for their pick at 16, then the Lions send 10, 16 and likely a mid-round pick Houston's top pick to select Clowney. That should ease Houston's stress of feeling compelled by the nature of the position to take a QB at one overall, when none of the top three truly infatuate them. 

Suh's gone, and Fairley might be next year as well. Remember the Lions didn't pick up his 2015 option. Just like my intuition says Suh wants to be somewhere more glamorous, I trust the same sense when I think the Lions decision is a motivational ploy to a guy who has to figure out if he wants to last in the league, and continue to be rich off of it, he needs to take better care of himself. 

I didn't love the Ansah pick, but even with a compact football background, he occasionally showed off special contributions last year. He and Clowney paired together could have the faculty to plague Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and INSERT MINNESOTA QB for years to come. 

Vault up to select Watkins and the questions he comes with, or to add a player who may have been college football's most talented, even dating back to Andrew Luck's final year at Stanford.

(Read the link above from MMQB's Greg Bedard who scouted Watkins, but I'll offer that of the league leading receivers last year, Watkins build and game may have most closely mirror this player. Not so in awe now are you?)

Here's my endorsement of the latter!