I'm not completely convinced the Tigers are truly going to use all internal avenues to fill the void of Andy Dirks, especially since Steve Lombardozzi may be needed at shortstop until Jose Iglesias is fully recovered from his problematic bout with shin splits. 

With that said, even with a kooky Rick Porcello trade rumor yesterday, I don't think the Tigers need a jaw dropping move to be the left handed mirror of Rajai Davis' playing time. 

Dirks' .745 OPS over a thousand career plate appearances is not irreplaceable. 

To find that or something comparable to it for somewhere between 200 and 400 at bat also isn't impossible. 

Without that unnecessary major transaction, externally, who could the Tigers turn to? 

The answers is players without options who are at risk of not having Major League jobs come Opening Day, meaning they'd need to pass through waivers, or similarly, players in roster vices between starters, prospects and more versatile bench options. The Tigers' own example would be Danny Worth circa '13. 

Two players come to mind who may fit the Tigers, both of whom are out of options. Neither will floor you, but they can competently provide left handed at bats from the outfield. And probably limit Don Kelly's starts and appearances and allow Lombardozzi to more effectively fill his Steve-of-all-positions role. 

Player one, former, but failed prospect Travis Snider of the Pirates. 


His .908 minor league OPS hasn't materialized at the next level. For the minute cost it would take to potentially acquire Snider, his .716 OPS vs. RHP is worth a look. 

Next is a more skilled player, but still a fifth outfielder with the Royals. That's speedster Jarrod Dyson, owner of a .660 career OPS, but also thief of 84 of 97 on stolen base attempts.

If you hadn't noticed, speed and adroit base running are essentially required traits under Brad Ausmus' new regime. Dyson's speed may cause the Royals to think twice before moving on from him, especially with Detroit seeking a left handed partner to pair with Davis, but it's a situation to watch as Spring Training unfolds.