A gifted broadcaster can seemlessly weave these ubiquitous drop-in ads into a broadcast. Quantity can become an earsore after a few innings of straight listening, but again, the delivery can soften that. 

ESPN is more responsible for the unstoppable growth of college football than you ever could've imagined. Take the time to read the back end mechanics of their work. 

#8 appropriately censuring the Lions for the repeated behaviour exhibited by them.

And #9, which goes against Kreger has ever thought about Kellen Moore. Read them fully here

A fan made Batman/Superman trailer. Didn't have much to work with, obviously, right(?), but well done considering the movie is two years away and there's absolutely zero footage. Though he could've used the quote from SDCC that intro'd the movie.

A quick thought before we move along...and an important one. Who's going to play Alfred!?

There's been more than I expected on the Lions from Peter King's site since it's birth. I get it, they have more writers, so not as much will slip through. I wanted to share this with you from King's Monday column


“Rashean Mathis signed with the Lions on Friday. 4 days later, he’s working with the first-team defense

—@kmeinke, Kyle Meinke, Detroit Lions beat reporter for MLive Media Group in Michigan.

You want to know why it’s hard to buy in on The New And Improved Lions? Because of news like this. Every year since Jim Schwartz took over as coach of the Lions in 2009, the team has been trying to fix the secondary. Through the draft, through low-cost free agency. Through giving the Drayton Florences and Rashean Mathises (Mathis turns 33 tomorrow) starting gigs after they’ve been discarded by other corner-needy teams. Not being critical of those players as contributors to a team, but the Lions have consistently failed to upgrade a vital part of their team with Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler the opposition passers for 25 percent of their schedule.

I realized they were likely filled with hubris after their 10-7 2012, but the Lions have annually fouled up their drafts. 

After cutting 4th rounder Ronnell Lewis, can you really expect much from their 2012 draft class? If were talking about trending, I'd say they're flat, at best.

Pray Riley Rieff isn't abused, and Broyles can stay healthy and catch 40-50 passes moving from slot to slot.

Maybe Bill Bentley can be a nickel corner, maybe. And the rest? Ouch.