Look, I know news happens everyday around local teams and you've gotta move on to the story of the moment, but sometimes national guys are 1. just better reporters/writers/investigators and 2. have the time and desire to drill deeper into particular stories. This is that case. Titus Young had a fit at an airport, and Brandon Marshall, troubled with a mental disorder himself, sought to help him? New stuff on the former Lions reciever troubled by functioning productively and effectively in society. 

A nuanced look at what Chip Kelly's first game coached revealed. And another, really fantastic analysis. Forget the spread, let's call it Misdirection By Math. 

With the question wondering why Greg Monroe has three jerseys in his locker, what are the Pistons revealing today? Way too obvious to be an alternate jersey, right? And if it is, I hope it's something more interesting than dark blue. Now that the Pistons have tried to (re)establish a winning brand, I'm all for a jersey redesign. A total overhaul requires notice to the NBA, so that's not happening, for now anyway. If that did occur though, they'd need to keep the red, white and blue, just tweak the logo, and reimagine the font. 

UPDATE. As I expected, too bland for my tastes. 

Whoa, how close are we go a Phil Jackson vs. Kendrick Lamar Twitter-fued.

There goes me stealing Doug Martin if I had a late first round fantasy pick. 

If the Tigers lose today, and the Royals win again, and then black holes erupt throughout the time space continuum and the Royals sweep FIVE against the Tigers, Kansas City will be half a game out (btw, long term it might be dreadfully regrettable, but I always liked the James Shields deal most lambasted). 

The Royals aren't going to sweep FIVE from the Tigers. If Detroit can maintain a 4 game lead or so after this weekend, not to take any Major League team for granted, but with Infante back, healthy and hitting, Brayan Pena being an outstanding overlooked move by Dave Dombrowski, a scalding hot Martinez (he's still creaming the ball in August, and up over .280) + a better hitting Jackson lately, can the Tigers try to devote some rest and recovery to Cabrera against the lowly Twins and Mets. Yes, I realize in NY sitting Cabrera and either Martinez or Fielder could make the Tigers equally as lowly. Even if I have to eat it for saying CABRERA WILL WIN CONSECUTIVE TRIPLE CROWNS, they need him as healthy as can be for October. This stomach/side strain needs to be healed up before the chilly weather of fall of baseball sets in. K?

My cynicism about the HGH population study in the NFL goes like this: the 'baseline' may wind up being established SO high after this survey, you'd have to have been struck by gamma rays and have green skin to test positive. Sure, I think the NFL would do best to suspend SOME players, but am I recklessly speculating when I guess that HGH could be rampant and *cough cough* encouraged throughout a league where you need to smash into other equally powerful men nearly 100 times per game?

You want PEDs out of baseball, right? I'm not sure if you'd like the NFL if PEDs and HGH were incisively gutted out of the game.

You might have a game of punter sized players. You want that? 

This actually sounds like twisted, convoluted logic by Jim Irsay. By this logic, I think that means that each game theoretically has its own assigned value, right? Broncos at Colts, well that's pricey. That's $154 of your payment towards all 10 games. Jags come to town? Oh, that's only $12 out of the total payment. Oy.