The most telling stat from the Pistons game last night wasn't the misleading final score of 113 to 95. It was never that close. 

Remember the talk last year of Kevin Durant joining a club of some of the game's most efficient shooters? Nash, Bird, Miller, Price Dirk, and then Durant as part of the 50-40-90 club. FGs-3s-FTs. 

Golden State had a cotton piercing 60-50-80 last night of their own against the Pistons and even THAT wasn't the most impressive performance of the night for me. 

If you thought he'd been long gone from the league, you are wrong. The ancient Jermaine O'Neal, still hanging on for scrub minutes on a good team, notched 17 points on 7 of 8 shooting, and 6 rebounds in only 23 minutes last night. We all remember vintage O'Neal from his Pacers' day, and it was back bludgeoning Detroit last night. It was embarassing. 

It was the second night of a back to back, out West, and their third game in five nights. If this was February, the dog days of the NBA season, I could swallow the reasoning of a team being tired, but we're 7 games into the season, so exhaustion hindering effort is not acceptable to me. 

Common sense said the Warriors were going hit 3s like unguarded layups last night because of the Pistons non-existent perimeter defense. 

Uh, common-er sense actually stated that there was no reason to bomb away on 3s, when the Warriors could conduct a passing and scoring clinic slicing up  the interior of the Pistons defense. 

Yes, the Pistons have better scorers this year, but the Warriors showcased a diversely skilled offense last night that carved up the Pistons. The Warriors have seen stingier defense in pregame layup drills than what the Pistons could pose last night. 

The Pistons interior defense looked so lost by Golden State's artful interior passing - yes, against a poor defensive team - their jerseys might have well as read GENERALS. 

Josh Smith, who from the end of the 1st quarter in Portland through last night had scored 2 points, was benched. 

Benching your splashy free agent acquisition? 

This is troublesome in two ways.

Just NOW, 6+ games into the season Mo Cheeks is recognizing Smith HAS to make smarter decisions with the ball!? This was his reputation before he even arrived. 

And Cheeks let a known weakness of Smith get so out of hand that he felt the need to bench him!? That's quite a severe penalty for something Cheeks SHOULD'VE been managing before the season, during and in between games. 

Brandon Jennings and his captivating 39 FG percentage - 27 on 3s - ways should be on notice now. 

Want more?

Chauncey Billups is about finished. The game's too quick for him now, and he doesn't have a good enough distributor (Jennings, again) to get him the ball in a position to quickly hoist up open shots. 

Playing Villanueva on Monday was laughable. Cheeks has been around the league for decades. There was no changing, or improving, what CV is, and enough already with Rodney Stuckey and his 41% from the field. Those stripes aren't changing. 

They were junk minutes because of the blowout, but in 41 of them combined, #freegigi and KCP had 19 points and 3 threes. 

Drummond had a monster stat game with 16 and 14, 8 offensive, and only had two missed shots. He somehow managed a +1 for the night. I need him out of the starting lineup now. He was part of the circus show bad defense that plagued the Pistons interior, that allowed Golden State to finish this game by the Pistons first timeout. THE 9 MINUTE MARK OF THE FIRST PERIOD. 11-2 Warriors. 

Jennings, Stuckey, Singler, Smith, Monroe

Bynum, KCP, Datome, Drummond. 

That's that. 

It's 2-5, and of the Pistons four major summers moves - Cheeks, KCP, Smith, Jennings - I liked one of them, KCP. Time for this siht show to get its act together before this season turns into the ones we've become so familiar with, and that have emptied out the Palace over the years.

Good luck to the guy who wasn't that impressive as a coach in his prior two stops. Be prepared to have a sword plunged into your chest if this continues.

A single final thought before the last of the steam evaporates. If the Pistons had an inkling they could acquire Brandon Jennings when they did, or if they'd targeted him for sometime, then Andre Iguodala probably would've been the sharper signing over Smith and having two ball chuckers. 

Jennings, someone, Iguodala, Monroe, Drummond. 

If that'd been the structure of the summer, then there'd be just one poor decision maker- Jennings - and a savvy, experienced, unselfish All Star as opposed to two players with a list of weaknesses, and mostly out of position anyway (Jennings not a PG, Smith not a SF). 

What a mess.