I have not been very diligent in my fantasy study with my draft looming next Tuesday night. Hint, if I get two of the top five WR's with my first two picks, I'm cool. I trust those more than anyone outside of AD as far as backs go. Give me a top back, and I'll offer you my doubt about that player. 

Anyway, use this ranking of NFL backfields to cram for a draft. As I did. 

Josh Holloway, Blake Lively, Ryan Gosling and more, cast for a Justice League movie would be quite the viable WB/DC counterpart to Marvel/Disney's celeb filled roster of Avengers.

If William Shatner could tone down, then polish his snark MAYBE he could be the answer to the next obvious Batman question - who's going to play Alfred?!

Sure, sure it looks like the legendary Dinobots are finally confirmed for Transformers 4 (if we get Galvatron then Michael Bay has REALLY come through) due to the claw mark on the logo on the hat, but who is the girl wearing the hat!? Hey ;)

1. These early ratings show you how vital live sports are. Skip Bayless's moronicy (made that up) make for water cooler talk but LIVE SPORTS get the ratings, and generate the revenue. 2. FS1's early ratings are pretty shoddy considering the endless promo for the network. Think of how many promos you saw on FS Detroit, and multiply that by the rest of the regional networks they have. 

My takeaways from the Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez? Was Belichick THAT desperate for another title to turn ignorant that all AH could've been involved in? No one in the organization could've known this was all going to lead to murder (or that one may have been covered up), but the covering of the eyes is a thousand times worse than video taping Super Bowl practices.

He was such an idiot and so detrimental to the team that were considering cutting him AFTER this season!? Gee, thanks. How about being the pristine organization you present yourselves to be, cutting the guy now and/or getting him help ASAP. 

Hernandez was a good kid on the right track and then polluted by the horrific environment of his new family, and it just kept getting worse. 

And now, more on Angel Dust, maybe you know it as PCP. 

A MAC football preview!

Here's the only video I could find of Olbermann's new ESPN show - which you MUST watch. And me from last night watching it.

Also saw this on Olbermann last night, as the Worst Person...