Reggie Bush is injured. He has an upper leg injury.

Short of the Lions sending Bush out to the field in a coffin, thus hollering to the Cowboys that BUSH IS MERELY A DECOY, he needs to be on the field. This is where the Lions and their not-so-candid ways of discussing injuries, and the reports they need to begrudgingly adhere to, could become extremely useful.

Even if Bush is ailing, and just a shadowy pawn on Sunday, let Dallas figure that out for themselves. 

We saw how limited the Lions offense was sans Calvin Johnson against Green Bay (9 points). It could be just as inept without Bush against Dallas, especially with the talented CB Brandon Carr seeking to be Megatron's most challenging opponent since Patrick Peterson Week 2. 

A well covered Calvin, no Bush to be wary of - no matter the health - and Dallas is going to make it extremely difficult for the Lions to dodge 4-4 heading into their bye - which is why Bush can play then heal - with two unfriendly environments, Chicago and Pittsburgh, looming in the coming weeks. 

I know, I know. Tony Romo will have SOME blunder that costs the Cowboys the game. Or, the Lions won't have corrected the Chris Houston missteps and Dez Bryant's going to have a 200 yard 2 TD day. 

I know, I know, again, that Demarco Murray's injuries proneness has caught up to him, and Dallas is without Demarcus Ware, but Romo's been REALLY good outside of ONE INT this year, their offensive line is playing better, they're 68% (3rd in the NFL for TDs) in the red zone thanks to Bryant and Jason Witten. Rookie Terrance Williams is emerging as is (get the ubiqitous Welker comparisons on standby) the 5'8" 180lb Cole Beasley. 

The Cowboys are always fairly talented, but seem to get in their own way so they annually hover around or just over .500, right?

Outside of the Romo INT vs. Denver, a game they could've been obliterated in IF NOT for Romo, they've got a honest and laudable W-L so far.

36-31 over the Giants

1 point loss at KC.

24 point win of STL.

30-21 loss at SD.

The Denver game.

15 point win over Washington.

Suffocating the Eagles offense, 17-3. 

This is a BIG game for the Lions. If it's 4-4 into the bye, they'll have gone from almost sure playoff thing, to going to have to scrape in. 

WITH Bush, I had Cowboys 27 Lions 24

Now, with a hobbled Bush, Cowboys 27 Lions 19.