If you're the only person who hasn't seen Sherman's interview w/Erin Andrews...

Deadspin captured some of the worst of the worst racially ignorant tweets directed at Sherman. I hope in some way those people have their futures penalized for such idiocy.

Those tweets are never getting erased. Their hate will live on the Internet forever. 

The kinder critics stuck to calling Sherman classless, and called for him to act like a professional. 

I disagree. In fact, I'd give 95% of what I've accomplished in life to have overcome and excelled the way Richard Sherman has in his life. Out of Compton, California to Stanford University. He's in the process of working on a master's degree. Out of the 5th round in the NFL draft, to the best cornerback in football. Maybe the best defensive player in the league.

I can give Sherman some latitude for some animated enthusiasm as long as his verbal vengeance is exacted minus the words that have been directed at him. 

Back to the classless and be-a-professional bullsiht. 

Can we create some context?

First, lets forget that Fox endlessly made us endure the replay of Navorro Bowman's knee going 90 degrees the wrong way. Sherman can't be exuberant, but we can see what's probably the most stomach turning injury in sports outside of a bone searing it's way through skin. 

Got it!

Act like a professional. 

As a fan, and a broadcaster, I'll never use 'we' unless I'm out their aiding in the competitive cause. Sure, many media are paid by the team, but you had little to do with their success or failure. Actually, you had NOTHING to do with what happened between the lines. 

I won't rail on those broadcasters for using 'we' though. If it's an MLB game, I'll just use my At Bat app and tune into the opposing broadcast. I'm glad I'm not regularly subjected to Hawk Harrelson's buffoonery, except for when that buffoonery turns him in a national clown. That's like three or four times a year. 

Wanna use 'we,' fine. That's your credibility and professionalism at risk.

Sherman WAS on the field for the Niners last play and we can verify this with every Internet search available to us, right?

Richard Sherman DID tip that pass that ended the 49er's Super Bowl hopes, right?

He just helped his team come within inches of football's greatest peak; getting to and winning a Super Bowl. Sherman can be emotional. Imagine if he cried. He'd be a sympathetic national legend by now. Or the racists would've called him an 'epithet pu$$y.' 

Seattle's radio guy, Steve Raible, was as boisterous, if not more, as Sherman was with Erin Andrews, and I know for sure he wasn't covering Michael Crabtree.

If you're one of those that criticizes the users of 'we' for lack of professionalism, well, have at it with Mr. Raible. Oh, and his coworker who yelps like a shrieking teenage girl. 

I won't though. The team he's undoubtedly emotionally attached to is going to the Super Bowl. 

Within the bounds of the FCC, everyone's got a right to be overjoyed!

By the way. Does anyone know if Crabtree said anything to Sherman during the game?