The Seahawks won the Super Bowl with Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin at the catching passes from Russell Wilson. Can you even name their tight end? No. 

Some called their defense one of the best the game's ever seen. Considering the way the present rules skew nearly every rule and benefit in favor of the offense, if you would like to say '85 Bears, '91 Eagles, '02 Buccaneers, '13 Seahawks, then I won't quarrel much with you. 

The Lions hired a head coach who worked for years with Peyton Manning. Their new offensive coordinator worked for years with Drew Brees. 

Yes, they need another receiver beside Calvin Johnson. Preferably one with a resume of some NFL success (Jacoby/James Jones, Mario Manningham, Emmanuel Sanders, Brandon LaFell, etc), or a draft pick whose credentials would fill the void. 

That potential draft pick does not need to be selected with the tenth pick in the first round. 

The new coaching regime, along with the addition of simply a steady #2 receiver, should be all offense needs to be a functional and successful playoff caliber offense. 

You're familiar with the Seahawks ominous secondary led by Richard Sherman. 

The Lions back four is whatever you wanna use as an antonym to ominous. 

More on this another time. 

For now I take issue with something from Sammy Watkins' Instagram.

Sammy's got his Transformer lore all wrong. 

If Watkins wants to be Starscream to Calvin's Megatron, that means, well...I'll let TFWiki do the explaining. 

Starscream is the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander and the deadliest of the Seekers. The self-proclaimed pride of the Cybertron War Academy, he's famous not only for his incredible skill, but also for his limitless (and troublesome) ambition. Starscream believes that he is more suited for command than Decepticon leader Megatron. Thankfully for Megatron, Starscream's mutinous, power-grabbing plots are almost always transparent, and he can never muster up enough patience to complete a grandiose power play.

I'll believe that Watkins screwed up his Decepticon analogy. If not, remember who else wanted to subjugate Calvin? Titus Young. 

Now we have a third sign that Young is detached from reality. In a Christmas conversation with high school coach E.C. Robinson, Young claimed to be every bit as good as fellow Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, the NFL's receiving yards leader in each of the past two seasons.

Mr. Watkins, I suggest you alter your tune. To more of an auto-tune of Soundwave. Megatron's loyal, subservient second in command.