Where the hell is Tom Gores!? Why isn't he publically screaming mad!?

With January's schedule complete, the Pistons finished 3-8.

They've lost four straight. Losing to the Clippers where Brandon Jennings didn't score. That was followed up with a loss to the worst team in the NBA, the Bucks. Friday's loss came at the hands of the 16 win Pelicans, without four of their top rotation players. Then Sunday's loss to the Mavericks, with another fourth quarter squandered. 

Should Gores demand Joe Dumars fire the coach? What for? So the next one can have the same starting front line conundrum? FWIW, if Cheeks is fired in-season, let Billups take over in the interim. 

Fire Dumars? That seems inevitable. 

At 17-27 the Pistons are at a fork in the road. Gores tells Dumars to sit on his hands. Essentially determining Dumars' faith, and maybe even forcing Dumars to walk out on his own. If you're a GM who can't make moves, why stay? 

There's NO WAY Dumars should be allowed to fix what's wrong with the Pistons. If Gores DOESN'T restrict him from making moves, it's possible the Pistons not only might not have a first round draft pick in June, but it's probable any trade by Dumars will cough up the summer salary flexibility. 

Handcuff Dumars and leave everything status quo. A deliberate sabotaging of the season to make a desperate plea to keep that lottery pick. 

The other option is more radical, and very unlikely. 

Instead of just angrily shaking the tree, Gores cuts the damn thing down with a buzzsaw. Just as those who wanted to be the Lions next head coach needed a meticulous blue print for how to extract the most from the franchise (paid) quarterback, Dumars successor basically has to present a 'Here's What I'll Get For Monroe' stratagem.

Even trading Monroe is two-fold. The trade brings back usable assets present anf future, or it sets this team so straight, they can make a run for the 6 seed in the East. Avoiding Miami and Indiana in the first round. Unlikely, but...

Sorry, I like Moose's game a lot. His adept passing and vision from foul line below is routinely brilliant! 

The massive front line has not worked. From that link and Zach Lowe two weeks ago: The Pistons might be watchable again, but they’re still bad, and they’re bad in a very disturbing way: The Smith/Monroe/Drummond trio has been a complete flop on both ends of the floor. Opponents have outscored the Pistons by 7.4 points per 48 minutes in the 716 minutes the three bigs have played together, per NBA.com.

Good luck finding a taker for Josh Smith. A new GM, not prided by his recent signing would be willing to pull the plug on Smith, but where does he go, with THAT contract?!

Andre Drummond sulked on Sunday, and gets by, even at his size, by being the best athlete on the court most nights. Watch him closely, and you'll often see mental lapses and confusion on defense. He's 20, and doesn't have a great coach, so by no means am I crucifying Drummond. 

Process of elimination says, disappointingly, Monroe has to go. 



This is extremely delicate moving forward. That's why I think handcuffing Dumars is the more pragmatic thing to do. 

Any deals have to accomplish one of a few things, or a combination of:

- Make the Pistons a favorite to grab the 6 seed or better. Remember, subtracting Monroe alone might do that. 

- Create more, or at least retain summer cash flexibility. 

- Accrue draft picks. I've looked around, it's unlikely anyone's giving you a '14 first rounder for Monroe. Second round picks and future 1st are acceptable and more feasible targets. 

- Ditch Jennings. That guy gets executive of the year. Sorry, maybe that's a personal wish. Another coach may be able to create a more efficient Jennings. I doubt it though. 

Who would take Monroe? We know he's already been linked in rumors to Washington, but with Gortat and Nene, where would he play? 

The best places to discover a new home for Monroe are teams in the West trying to reach the playoffs, or those trying to clasp onto as much homecourt as they can get. 

Another alternative would be a team that could view him as a 'piece' and would love to be able to use his future Larry Bird rights to pay him handsomely. 

Here we go with some suggestions. But first, keep in mind, addition by subtraction so taking back lesser parts is acceptable depending on the deal. And nothing will be overwhelmingly satisfactory. This is the summer noose (not Moose) the Pistons willingly walked into. 

One more caution. I'm not courageous enough to orchestrate deals with more than two teams involved, which are certainly possible. 

Detroit & OKC: Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb for Monroe and Rodney Stuckey. 

Everyone who covers the NBA is joyous that Perk no longer starts for OKC. He's Detroit's backup center for the next two years. I've liked Lamb since UConn. Possibly a very workable 2 guard. OKC recoups what they lost in Harden, just at another position. 

Detroit & Lakers: Monroe for Jordan Hill + their lottery pick this year (HOORAY!). Pau's a free agent this summer, and Kobe gets the some of the production at center they were hoping for in Howard. Doubt...can Moose keep up in D'Antoni's system? Hill's on the Piston's bench.

Detroit & New Orleans: Monroe and Stuckey for Eric Gordon. Risky. Gordon's often injured, though not this year. He wanted to be in Phoenix; and he's never interested in New Orleans. A motivated Gordon and maybe you get his '10-'11 numbers of 22 a game, 45% FGs, 2 made threes a game at 36% and 82% at the line. If I get that guy, I'm excited. If it's the more recent Gordon, then it's $30 million tied up over the next two years. 

Want Lin, and Houston's first

Click here if you want Iguodala 'lite.'

Just suggestions, if you can unearth something better, I'm all ears, tweets and emails. 

Oh by the way, where the hell is the damn owner. The Pistons are wretched and disgraceful.