A month later, and a month closer to the draft, the Lions still appear to be smitten with Sammy Watkins. 

There's only so many times I can tell you how myopic I think this is of Detroit. Or, the usual typical poor Lions decision. 

Further examination of this is required. 

Possibility A. They did not watch the Super Bowl where Denver, with a better quarterback than they have and with a cadre of skilled receivers in an offense that put up historic numbers, failed to dent the Seattle defense. Not even a shopping-cart-in-a-parking-lot chip of the paint to the Seahawks. 

The Lions are arrogant enough to think the addition of Watkins can get them beyond San Francisco and Seattle, that's if they can get out of the North. Right, and I'm Unicron (see video below). 

Possibility B. The Lions are attempting a smokescreen (2nd Transformers reference). It's either straight out of Sun Tzu's masterful trickery, or completely unbelievable and a waste of time, outside of simple due diligence.

The brilliance? The Lions conning the teams from Buffalo up through St. Louis that they're lusting for Watkins, thus putting those draft rooms in a degree of panic, hoping that'll jilt their decision making on draft day with a Lions trade-up looming over all until Watkins is drafted. 

Uh. That would be the first I've seen that strategy used, but I could be wrong.

If the Lions are constructing this ruse, while I can't say they're wasting their time so adoring of Watkins, they are wasting SOME time and energy. It's not as if the Lions actual needs are so clandestine. 

They need to improve the defense. 

Possibility C. I'll spare you multiple Transformers Youtube clips and get right to it. 

Calvin Johnson is not so slowly moving towards how Megatron looked after Optimus Prime took two fists to his face in 2005. Which was actually 1986. The past was actually in the future now. 

Unicron breathes new life into Megatron, except in the form of who we get to see this summer in Transformers AOE, Galvatron. 

I can't actually fault the Lions for thinking with such clarity and foresight if they suspect Calvin's best days are going to hastily pass him by. 

It doesn't seem like Calvin's slowing down just months removed from an 82 catch, 1492 yard, 12 score campaign. Widen your gaze though. He sat last year's meaningless Week 17 matchup, and missed last year's initial contest with Green Bay. 

There was unknown finger damage - they'd been broken- during the record breaking year of 2012, which also included a later retracted self diagnosis of a concussion. This year it was a troublesome right knee that undoubtedly hindered Johnson, including a jarring early drop in the vital game against  Baltimore on Monday night. 

Remember the Harrison Smith hit in '12?

Thankfully, Calvin's never torn up a knee, an Achilles or worse, but years of being the game's finest receiver has aided the maladies to mount. 

A small receiver like Desean Jackson can get blown to smithereens in a single hit, but he can also be perceptive enough to get down, or get out of bounds and fight another down and day. 

Being 6'5" and 240 pounds enables Johnson to do the magnificent things that he does on a football field, but his proportions also creates a sizable and tasty target for defenders. Those defenders have indeed often delivered painful and hostile blows to Calvin in his seven career years.


He's not indestructible, and with their lusty interest in Watkins - if in earnest - the Lions may astutely recognize their indomitable receiver may be closer to the end of game changing impact than to be believed. 


Even if that is the case, Calvin doesn't need to be mummified anytime soon, and their defense is still in serious need of play-making upgrades. 

I can laud the Lions prudence in recognizing that Calvin won't play to a historic level forever, but don't let that luminous foresight cause present blindness.