#MANFL is....


Ben Maller, man of the people among sports talk show hosts, is letting his listeners pick which NFL team he'll follow all of 2014.

Following the teaching of Mike Rowe from the iconic TV show Dirty Jobs, Ben doesn't support the same team twice, once a season ends, he moves onto the next challenge. Thus the Titans (2007), Jets (2008), Chiefs(2009), Cowboys (2010), Patriots (2011), Broncos (2012) and Jaguars (2013) are out of the voting.

Don't worry, that leaves 25 other teams to vote for!

Below, place your vote for which NFL team Big Ben should root for in the 2014-15 season!

Poll: Which team should Ben Maller root for this season?


After two days, we'll eliminate the 22 teams with the least number of votes and move on to the #MANFL playoffs, so make sure to return and vote as many times as you can!

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