Mother Allegedly Left Kid In Hot Car During Interview With Child Services

Jennifer K. Ost, 27

Jennifer K. Ost, 27

An Indiana mother was arrested after police say she left her young son inside a hot car while she had an interview with the Department of Child Services (DCS). 27-year-old Jennifer K. Ost had a scheduled appointment after she checked her newborn out of the hospital against medical advice.

Officials say that Ost became "belligerent" and started cursing at the DCS employee after a doctor examined her newborn. While Ost was inside, somebody called the police to report that a child was sitting inside a car in the parking lot.

An officer found the child sitting in the hot car watching a movie on a cell phone. The doors were unlocked and the officer brought the boy, who was drenched in sweat, inside the air-conditioned building. They ran the car's license plate and found that it was registered to Ost.

When the police went to arrest Ost, she told them that her son did not want to go to the meeting with her so she decided to leave him in the car on the hot summer day. She was charged with neglect of a dependent. Both of her children were taken into DCS care.

Photo: Madison County Sheriff's Office

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