Issue 1 part deux- Toledo Mayor to retry Issue 1 on November ballot

Expect two new issues on your November 2020 ballot if you live in the city of Toledo. Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced today that he would ask city council to place two issues on the ballot. The first would be a renewal of the 38 year temporary .75% payroll tax, the second would be a .25% income tax targeted exclusively for road repair. The second tax would be a temporary 4-year increase and would raise $18.9 million per year which Kapszukiewicz promises would be solely for roads. The defeated Issue 1 was to include roads and other projects that mayor had wanted which was partially responsible for its' defeat earlier this year. The 0.75-percent renewal generates about $56.8 million and without those funds the mayor said the city would face catastrophic problems.

The full press conference is in the video below.