The Chaos of Championship Saturday

Oh College football…we’re going to miss you. I know there’s still bowl season and all but it really just doesn’t have the same excitement as the regular season…well except the playoff. For now at least, its Conference Championship week so let’s take a look at what our teams have in store.


Finally Rockets fans….you FINALLY have an outright division championship. No Jordan Lynch, no boat rowing, you finally can watch your perennially great team contend for the MAC title. The beauty of being a mid-major school, the Conference Championship hasn’t lost its luster amongst all the college football playoff madness. No MAC football fan argues bowl victories with their peers; it’s all about those MAC titles and Toledo is in prime position to getting number 14.  Quarterback Logan Woodside will most likely go down as a Rockets legend, as the guy has been slinging all season long with 24 touchdowns and only 3 picks. Last time around against the Zips, Woodside threw for over 300 yds and 5 TD’s for a 48-21 victory. No excuses UT; this is your chance. If you can’t make it to Ford Field next Saturday, you can follow along on 1370 AM and 92.9 FM on WSPD with kickoff coming at Noon.


2-10. Lost at home to FCS opponent South Dakota. Another year of losing to Toledo. Really all you need to know about the Falcons season. I’ll have more to say about the Falcons later but for now, better luck next year.


For six times in a row now, The Ohio State Buckeyes have beaten the Michigan Wolverines to end the regular season, this time winning 31-20. Every man, woman and child in the state of Michigan probably wants to blame this loss on Quarterback John O’Korn and I don’t think anyone would blame them. O’korn when it mattered most, yet again, missed his shining moments. He missed wide open receivers in the first, fumbled a snap that would end up turning a drive over on downs in Buckeye territory late in the game, and sealed Michigan’s fate with an interception with no Wolverine receivers in sight. O’Korn played how he has played all season; below average. O’Korn isn’t the guy, and everybody knew that going into this game. The big question was whether or not Freshman Brandon Peters could bounce back from a bad concussion suffered in last week’s loss to Wisconsin. Expect Peters to be the guy under center for Michigan’s meaningless bowl game and more importantly, for the years to follow. The other bright side in yesterday’s loss? Rashan Freakin Gary. This kid racked up 10 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 tackles for loss. This stat line doesn’t even begin to quantify the impact Gary has on the opposing offensive strategy. If Michigan forced just one turnover yesterday, this game was a lot closer and possibly even a win. To all young defensive lineman out there, watch this guy and learn. The future is very bright for Michigan Football: they’re young, talented, and with competent QB play, they’re a title contender. Harbaugh isn’t on the hot seat just yet. It’ll take at least another year of losing to Michigan St. and the Buckeyes to even get started on that. If you’re a Wolverine, believe in this guy; he’s everything you could want in a coach right now. Watch the meaningless bowl game, and look for improvement rather than a win.


I know this sucks to hear, but the Buckeyes playoff hopes were as crushed as Nick Saban was last night in the Iron Bowl. There is still a SLIVER of chance the Buckeyes squeak in like last year, but extreme chaos needs to unfold in order for that to happen. First and foremost, they need to take care of business in Indianapolis. As for the Defensive Front, they looked nothing short of brilliant when it came to putting pressure on the man under center, coming away with 5 sacks in Ann Arbor. Despite Badger QB Alex Hornibrook looking better and better as the season goes on, I’m not convinced he’s an elite player just yet. He will surely look to throw a couple of slants to star Tight-End Troy Fumigalli, but other than that, look for that classic smash mouth run game Wisconsin fans know and love. Urban Meyer in his post-game presser said that Barrett is dealing with meniscus issues caused by a cameraman on the sidelines but As long as Barrett’s linemen can create some room for J.K. Dobbins and Weber to run through, Ohio St. has a great opportunity to show the committee they belong. A win next week knocks out Wisconsin, but if you think a team that was blown out by Iowa is squeaking in before a one loss Alabama team then you’re delusional. How about a Clemson loss? Well that would create some conversation, but you have to think Miami moves into that spot since they would be the team to cause the downfall. I think it’ll take Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia to lose in their respective Championship games for the Buckeyes to have a chance. Crazier things have happened right?

With all of that being said, enjoy the chaos that is College Football.