Komets Forward AJ Jenks

Anthony said on Tuesday that some news was about to break that would shock the Toledo sports world. I don't think anybody could have guessed that Walleye fan favorite AJ Jenks had signed with a bitter rival. Being the flagship radio station for the Walleye, we obviously have many fans in the building. I went around the halls of the office, confirming the rumored reports. I was met with groans, laughter, yelling and overall disappointment.

The problem is there is nobody to be mad at in the situation. The Walleye made a business decision. There is a 4 player cap on veterans in the ECHL, Jenks has been dealing with a lower body injury since last season, and Head Coach Dan Watson is constructing a new and different roster. AJ Jenks will always be a fan favorite in the 419. Listen to his entire interview from this morning on the Fox Sports Morning Blitz.