Understanding Hockey Analytics With Prashanth Iyer

Let's be real, most of us are just casual fans that enjoy watching guys fly around a sheet of ice with knives on their feet with the hopes of seeing a dazzling goal or a bloody fight.

For the rest of us, we study the game. We look for the answers to our team's problems.

"Why can't the Red Wings score more?"

"Who's holding this team back?"

"Who can we draft to make the team better?"

This is obviously a job for first year Red Wings GM, Steve Yzerman, but it always helps to know more about the game.

Well, we called on a friend to help us all out! Prishanth Iyer is a co-founder of MetaHockey Analytics and a content creator for "Winging it in Motown" joined Anthony Bellino on the Blitz last week to help us all understand analytic ratings such as CORSI and FENWICK. Check it out!

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