Kaepernick: Media Stunt?

The story of Colin Kaepernick might be the most complicated situation the National Football League has had to tackle.

After battling for years with the league about being black balled, Colin Kaepernick held a workout this past Saturday at a high school in Atlanta, with the hopes of catching the eyes of an NFL team, proving that he still has the skill to be a professional quarterback.

The workout changed locations, Kaepernick wore a Kunta Kinte shirt, and only 8 NFL scouts showed up to the event.

This raises questions on both sides:

Will signing Kaepernick just bring a media circus to an organization?

Does any NFL organization have any real intention Kaepernick a shot?

Anthony Bellino on the Fox Sports Morning Blitz, did a deep dive into the Kaepernick workout, questioning every angle and took some phone calls from listeners! Here he is from this morning.

Fox Sports Morning Blitz (@FSMBlitz)

Anthony Bellino (@ACBellino)