NFL Doctor: Patrick Mahomes Has 50% Chance to Re-Injure His Knee This Year

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Clay Travis: “Are you expecting Pat Mahomes to play this Sunday against the Titans?”
Dr. David Chao: “Yes, I am. When he got hurt that Thursday night my expectation was a return in 3-4 weeks and this is 3 and a half weeks. There still is some risk of re-dislocation and I think that will be addressed in the offseason.”
Travis: “How much risk?”
Dr. Chao: “I haven’t examined Patrick but the risk of redislocation doesn’t go away… Going forward, Mahomes has a 50% chance of further issues on the kneecap this season. That’s not to say it will pop out again, but there is going to be something else that goes on across the last eight games or more if they go further.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to former team doctor David J. Chao talk with Clay Travis about the impending return of superstar Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes suffered what looked like a graphic season-ending injury on October 17th versus the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football, but thankfully it turned out to be a much less severe, yet equally painful and gruesome, dislocated kneecap.

Dr. Chao says Mahomes will be good to go this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, but also says there is a ‘50% chance’ that Mahomes re-injures his knee at some point the rest of this season, and says the issue can only be FULLY resolved in the offseason.

Check out the full interview below.

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