Clay Travis: Myles Garrett's 'Racism Hail Mary' Reeks of Desperate Deceit

Clay Travis: “I don’t buy that Mason Rudolph never would have used a racial slur in football before, and then for the first time ever , does on Monday Night Football to Myles Garrett. He’s gotten sacked and cheap-shotted by a variety of different races. With all of the boom mics, referees, and guys on the field, there would be evidence on this if it actually occurred. I also think Garrett would have announced it IMMEDIATELY after the game. And would you really hand write an apology letter to someone who called you a racial slur?? Waiting six days to suddenly make this public is pretty ridiculous. Think of all the guys in the locker room he would have talked to after hitting a guy in the helmet and them saying ‘MAN, WHAT HAPPENED??’ You don’t tell ANY of your teammates?” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he’s not buying Myles Garrett’s claim that Mason Rudolph dropped a racial slur on him moments before their ugly melee that had Garrett smashing Rudolph’s own helmet over his uncovered skull in a national telecasted Monday Night Football game.

The disgraced Cleveland Browns defensive lineman is facing one of the most severe suspensions in NFL history, and told league officials during his suspension appeal that part of the reason he snapped was because of the Steelers quarterback's racist comments.

The NFL released a statement a couple hours after the news dropped on Thursday saying there is currently no eye-witness or audio/visual evidence of Rudolph using the slur, and appears only to be Garrett’s word vs. Rudolph’s as this point.

Clay says it’s impossible for him to believe that Garrett would have told nobody in the Browns locker room about the slur moments after the game, and that he would wait a full six days afer the event was over to finally conveniently bring it up while he was fighting to get his unprecedented suspension reduced.

Check out the audio below as Clay details why Garrett’s story seems so unbelievable.

Clay Travis: Myles Garrett is the 'Jussie Smollett' of the NFL
Clay Travis: Myles Garrett is the 'Jussie Smollett' of the NFL
Clay Travis called Myles Garrett the 'Jussie Smollett' of the NFL, and says he attempted a 'racism Hail Mary' by claiming during his suspension appeal hearing that...
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