Cody Bellinger Rips Houston Astros, Calls Apologies 'Weak'

Doug Gottlieb reacts to Dodgers outfielder, Cody Bellinger VERY publicly calling out the Houston Astros apology tour. Bellinger said the following:

(ESPN) About Thursday's public apologies, Bellinger said "whatever" and called the one from Astros owner Jim Crane "weak," a word he also used to describe the punishment from Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred because he granted the players immunity in exchange for information.
"Those guys were cheating for three years," Bellinger said of the Astros. "I think what people don't realize is [Jose] Altuve stole an MVP from [Aaron] Judge in 2017. Everyone knows they stole the ring from us. But it's over."

Doug Gottlieb thinks Cody Bellinger's very public destruction of the Houston Astros highlights how much things have changed from the steroid era of baseball that was mostly silent to the more outspoken (social media) era of today:

"Social Media allows people to get their opinions and thoughts out there...One of the things it created was, everyone believes that their voice can be heard and matters. It makes your voice feel more powerful, and in this case, Cody Bellinger, who's the sitting MVP, IS more powerful.

This ERA is where guys are like, 'screw the code, they took a world series from us. Cody Bellinger was talking about Aaron Judge. That's not his MVP...

Sammy Sosa confessed to being clean...was told to pee in a cup and Sosa refused. There were guys then who thought, 'that was 'bull.' But they WOULDN'T do what Cody Bellinger did today. They wouldn't go on the record. Cody Bellinger called BS today. He was like 'DUDE, WEAK!' Called out the commissioner, "WEAK PUNISHMENT." And I think it's because of the era in which Cody grew up where they're irreverent towards it. Code? What code? I gotta remain silent when we should've won a World Series?"

Doug Gottlieb breaks it down further in the video below.

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