Kevin Durant Reportedly Stopped Talking to Warriors Teammates During Season

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards

Chris B. Haynes: “There was a point with Kevin Durant when he just stopped talking to his teammates. He was really on an island and didn’t have somebody that he was close with on that team. The only person he was close with was Quinn Cook because they’re from the same area. But Quinn is a younger guy that doesn’t have much clout within the franchise. After the Draymond stuff went down and then the New York Knicks chatter started going haywire, Durant just stopped talking. He felt like if he said something it would give a lot of credence to people saying he’s only thinking about free agency. You would see Durant leaving the arena by himself and entering the arena by himself and really not speaking to anyone, to the point where a Warriors official went to him on a few occasions, or texted him, saying ‘We need you to come to a cheerful disposition’… There were a lot of things going on and you could tell everybody knew the writing was on the wall early on that it was going to be his last season on the Warriors. The Draymond Green situation cannot be dismissed.” (FULL Audio at the Bottom of Page).

Listen to NBA insider and Yahoo Sports columnist Chris B. Haynes join The Herd days after releasing his revealing interview piece with now-former Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant, who left one of the most powerful dynasties in NBA history to sign a four-year, $164 with the Brooklyn Nets last month.

The tell-all interview most notably detailed topics concerning his forgiveness towards the Warriors medical staff and their handling of his injury, and how the New York Knicks were NEVER really in the running for Durant, but it also reported on the devastating effects Durant’s feud with Draymond Green really caused, as we were at one point led to believe that the beef had been 'squashed'. Haynes says Durant eventually stopped talking to Warriors teammates at the end of last season.

Check out the TV segment below and the FULL audio interview at the bottom of the page as Haynes tells Colin Cowherd how isolated Durant really felt at the bitter end of his time with the Warriors.

FULL INTERVIEW With Chris Haynes About Kevin Durant

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