Former WR Greg Jennings Explains Why NFL Players Love Their Helmets So Much

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers

Greg Jennings: “As far as the Antonio Brown helmet issue, I’m on his side when it comes to him fighting this to a certain extent. I’ve gone through this and have had to change my helmet and it was a big deal. Any time you change what has been the norm you’re going to put up some type of resistance, we just don’t hear it going on like THIS to where guys try to come at the league the way Antonio Brown is. EVERYONE, I don’t care who it’s been, no one who has had to change their helmet was just like ‘OK, I’ll just change it!’ – It’s a big deal because you’ve been wearing the same helmet for so long that it becomes a part of you.”

Listen to former NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings explain to Colin Cowherd why Antonio Brown’s bizarre war against the league regarding a helmet he’s no longer allowed to wear, isn’t that new of an occurrence, and details why this type of instance has been going on for years with much less media coverage.

Check out the audio below as Jennings, who was a two-time Pro Bowler in 2010 and 2011 with the Green Bay Packers, expands on how truly vital specific helmets are to a player’s career.

Greg Jennings Explains Why NFL Players Are So Obsessed With Their Helmets

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