Why Beauty Matters at the Quarterback Position

Colin Cowherd: “There is a real thing called ‘Quarterback Face’. Often the best quarterbacks in the league have been really handsome. Yes, you’re looking for an arm, and a guy who started three years in college, but NFL scouts are looking for that ‘Quarterback Face’ and a certain level of confidence. Jimmy Garoppolo has the best ‘Quarterback Face’ in the league. He reminds me of a young Tom Brady with that ‘IT’ factor, and that ‘IT’ factor was always confidence. Third down is not only the ‘money down’ in the NFL but it’s also the CONFIDENCE down and Garoppolo is great on third down. He plays cocky and goes for it. If you looked like Jimmy G and walked into rooms from 15 years old until 28 years old, you would feel pretty damn good about yourself and turn heads. On the playground at recess in seventh grade, who gets the ball? The popular boy who the girls think is really cute and the guys think is cool. It’s called quarterback face.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain his ‘Quarterback Face’ theory on how the more handsome a quarterback is, the better chance they have at succeeding.

Colin says confidence is the most prevalent attribute that all great quarterbacks have in common. Cowherd believes that the unbridled cockiness that all great quarterbacks have within started at a very young age. Colin says the kids who played quarterback on the playground in grade school were always the popular kids that got the most looks from the girls. A decade later, and those acquired traits are why players like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and now Jimmy Garoppolo, three of the best looking players in the league, are able to dominate their craft.

Check out the video above as Colin’s man crush on Jimmy G continues!

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