Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 9

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens

Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 9 – November 5th (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

10. Seattle Seahawks (7-2): “For the first time in the Pete Carroll era this team has been more about OFFENSE than DEFENSE and Russell Wilson is my MVP. The last 16 games they're 13-3 and that's without a great defense. I like that they added Jadeveon Clowney and Josh Gordon; it gives them juice on both sides of the ball. They get in a lot of shootouts and need help in the secondary, but they make my list having an A+ quarterback and an A+ coach."

9. Green Bay Packers (7-2): “There is now a way to beat Green Bay and that's why I have dropped them to 9. They lost to the Chargers and the Eagles the same way: POUND THEM and go right after them. They're 26th in total defense, they're 1-2 when they don't force a turnover, and this is not an intimidating or suffocating defense. They're disciplined and well-coached by there is now a script on beating them. Be aggressive and this Packers team will NOT want to be in the Octagon with you."

8. Houston Texans (6-3): “I hate their secondary but they're very good against the run; the problem is they force you to pass and you CAN pass on them. They're 17-5 since they started 0-3 last year and have been very good with Deshaun Watson in November and December. They're third in total offense, have two nice running backs, and weapons on the perimeter."

7. Carolina Panthers (5-3): “I really like this team and think they have great personnel. They lead the NFL in sacks and yet have one of the lowest blitz percentages. Ron Rivera loses a star quarterback and they're well-coached enough to make it happen with a back-up. They're not beholden to Cam, I like their receivers, Christian McCaffrey is a monster, Greg Olsen is having a good year, their offensive line is average to above average, and defensively they can get to your quarterback without blitzing."

6. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3): “They've played a tough schedule, some with a backup quarterback, and yet they're in first place. They're getting Patrick Mahomes back soon and they just got Chris Jones back; their best offensive and defensive players. That Minnesota win with Matt Moore was really impressive. I like Kansas City and think they're about to go on a roll."

5. New England Patriots (8-1): “They're really good but there's one thing that is not going away --they're not dynamic enough on offense. In Tom Brady's last six games he has 7 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and an 83 passer rating. There's nobody out there and they're totally dependent on Edelman and Mohamed Sanu on third down. They have no over-the-top game, they have a third-string left tackle and a backup center, and they don't have a dependable kicker."

4. Dallas Cowboys (5-3): “I don't love their coach and I think that limits them in the playoffs, but they're number one in offense, number one in third down offense, and 4-0 against the NFC East. I liked the Michael Bennett addition and I like teams willing to roll the dice."

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2): “Baltimore is like Dallas; they're not perfect but they have a lot of good individual players, and I get a better coach. We're paying a lot of attention to Lamar Jackson, and we should, but their defense is starting to come together. They run the ball well, A LOT, and right at you. They have an identity when half the league doesn't."

2. New Orleans Saints (7-1): “Their only loss this year was the game Drew Brees got hurt in. This is such a smart team. They only have six turnovers all year, they don't get penalized much, they're excellent on third down, and excellent situationally. I wish they would have gone after Josh Gordon, however. They don't have much of a vertical passing game and rely on Michael Thomas and cross their fingers for one big play a game from Teddy Ginn."

1. San Francisco 49ers (8-0): “They're about to have three straight home games. They run the ball 56% of the time which is even greater than Baltimore. We all know their defensive line is great, but this was the first week their D-Line wasn't dominant and their running game no-showed, and they said 'Jimmy G, we need you this week bro' and he was great and won them that game. It gives them another layer."

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