Frank's Top 5 Games of the Week: Pt. III

"Hey, where's part 2?"

Well buddy, due to technical issues as well as having a very busy work schedule, part 2 was never released. It'll go into my vault of unpublished thoughts, which will go for millions years later I'm sure.

Lucky for you, here's this week's top 5:

5. Tampa Brady @ Chicago Bears

Indianapolis Colts v Chicago Bears

Indianapolis Colts v Chicago Bears

It's not often we get excited for Thursday Night Football. I may be biased considering I was raised a Chicago Bears fan, but, I really do believe this could be a somewhat decent game to watch. Ya long as Matt Nagy could orchestrate some resemblance of a competent offense so the defense isn't hung out to dry and just get picked apart by the greatest Quarterback of all time. We know the Bears defense can be frightening, but a fatigued version of that is a different story. Nick Foles is a solid quarterback, but he's not a guy that can carry the entire offense on his shoulders. There needs to be a run game in Chicago, because 28 yds. on the ground won't get it done, which we saw in Indianapolis last week. As for the Buccs, Brady is still a 43 yr old, and Mike Evans, Scotty Miller and Leonard Fournette are all on the injury report. Keep that in mind when making your pick, but don't expect Chicago to have everything fixed from last week.

Frank's Pick: Brady -3.5

4. #4 Florida @ #21 Texas A&M

Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia v Florida

Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia v Florida

You know the annual joke of "is Texas back?" Well, Florida is basically the Texas of the SEC. Michigan is the Texas of the Big Ten. Florida, Michigan and Texas are all basically the same program. But guys....Florida has something special brewing. Under center is Kyle Trask, a former 3-star recruit out of Manvel, Texas that is lighting up his opponents. In 2 conference games, Trask has racked up 10 touchdowns, with 6 of them going to his favorite target, Kyle Pitts. Trask and Pitts are quickly becoming household names in the Conference where it just means more, and both are turning the heads of pro scouts. The Gators are 6.5 road favorites, and these guys are the story here. Sure, the Aggies could shock them in this whacky season, the Gators defense is giving up an average of 29/game. Regardless, this will be the first decent test for these star athletes. Will they rise to the occasion and draft boards? Hey Lions fans....*wink wink*

Frank's Pick: Aggies +6.5

3. Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans*

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

I've always been a big Josh Allen guy. Tall, big hands, cannon for an arm, fearless outside the pocket; the guy has it. What he doesn't have is Covid-19, and the NFL would certainly like to keep it that way. This was going to be my top game of the week. It has it all: undefeated teams, sleeper picks for a Superbowl run, and 2 underrated QB's with 21 combined touchdowns on the year. However, the Titans have had problems with Covid-19 in recent weeks, already having to postpone last week's game against the Steelers. Although that game is scheduled to be made up, the problem going forward is the league's lack of faith in the Titans organization to follow the pandemic guidelines. If violations are repeatedly found, the Titans could start forfeiting games and the chance for a good team in the Playoffs. If this game miraculously gets played this week, I'd expect the Bills to be favored. As of now, there are no odds.

Frank's Pick: Buffalo Bills

2. Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

I'm sorry, I know we're all sick of the Chiefs (except for Cass.) And I think the Miami @ Clemson game looks really good on paper, until you realize Miami isn't the seventh best team in the Country and will probably get absolutely wrecked by Trevor Lawrence. But at least this is a division rivalry match-up between 2 of the greatest Head Coaches in the NFL: John Gruden and Andy Reid. The question is whether or not Chucky's Raiders are any good. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they average? After 4 games, we have no idea. We know they're better than the Jets, Giants and Lions, but that's not saying much. Derek Carr looks...fine? He has 8 touchdowns in 4 games without throwing a pick so that's better than what I can say about the Bears' QBs. It's the defense that's worrisome, giving up an average of 30 pts/game. Now they have to go into Arrow Head? Against the best player in the league? Yea, there's a reason the Chiefs are favored by 13. If I were you, I'd stay away from this game, but, maybe you woke up feeling dangerous.

Frank's Pick: Chiefs -13

1. Cincinnati Burrows @ Baltimore Ravens

I know what you're thinking, and hear me out. Yes, the Bengals are a bad football team. Yes, the Ravens are a good football team. However, this is a division rivalry that we will be seeing for many years to come. The Bengals need a lot more going for them than just an interesting rookie QB to beat the Ravens. The defense hasn't been terrible, giving up 24.8 pts/game, only losing 2 games by a combined 8 points! I think this game will be closer than a lot of people think. It's like in college when all of my friends that were Browns fans would convince me that the Browns "always played the Steelers well." Sometimes that was true, sometimes they'd get absolutely embarrassed. Maybe with this game, I'm drinking the kool-aid, but I'm feeling dangerous. I like how Burrow is trending, and he's learning fast.

Frank's Pick: Bengals +13