Frank's Top 5 Games of the Week: Pt. IV

Oh boy.

Well, I'm happy to talk football this week since Hockey free agency crushed my soul. So let's keep this positive!

  • The Bears won last week!
  • Big Ten Football is ONE week away
  • The Titans/Bills game actually got played and we were introduced to Tuesday Night Football
  • The Browns are actually....good?

Well, we shall see about that last part. But, regardless of how your team is doing, you have to admit that this continues to be the most interesting season in recent memory. So let's keep this positivity train rolling, and get to my top games of the week!

5. Kentucky @ #18 Tennessee

I think this week's slate of NCAA games are mostly....meh. Sure, Bama and Georgia is going to be a very important game in determining the Playoff, but I think this SEC match-up will help give us a feel of what is going on with the rest of this conference. Tennessee is giving up 27.7 pts/game, and Kentucky has a dual-threat guy under center in Terry Wilson. Kentucky just shut out Mississippi St.'s offense, and only lost to Ole Miss by 1 in OT. I'm not sold on the Vols just yet, let's see if they prove me wrong.

Frank's Pick: Kentucky +6

4. Kansas City Chiefs @Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders

Ok, so the Bills proved to us that they're gonna be the same team they are every year. "Oh watch out for the Bills!" Every year they look scary, and then get smacked around by somebody and we all get brought down to earth. After the Titans wrecked them on a special edition of Tuesday Night Football, they get to host the defending champs. The Chiefs were just handed their first loss of the season coming at the hands of Gruden and da rrrrRRAAAiiders. Mahomes looked meh, and the defense looked dreadful. I may be crazy taking the Bills and the points have home, but I think we can all agree to hammer the over at 57.5.

Frank's Pick: Bills +5

3. Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers

Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers

I hate to say it, but I think the Packers are the real deal this year. The Buccs on the other hand, did their best Plaxico Burress impression last week at Soldier Field and shot themselves in the foot after dominating the entire game. I love Tom Brady. I love Gronk. What I don't love, is a team that takes multiple unsportsmanlike penalties late in a close game. The Packers are disciplined, rested, and just flat out good. This is my lock of the week.

Frank's Pick: Packers -1

2. Georgia @ Alabama

CFP National Championship

CFP National Championship

Welp, this game is proving to be more interesting than you or I could have imagined. What are the odds that Nick Saban tests positive before Bama's most important game of the season? Did Kirby Smart get down on his knees and pray to the Football Gods? Does he have a Saban voodoo doll we don't know about? All kidding aside, missing Saban isn't the biggest crimson flag being raised. (see what I did there) The Crimson Tide defense is the worst I've seen in recent memory, giving up over 30 pts/game! Najee Harris is has steamrolled defenders thus far on his way to 10 rushing scores, but the Dawgs have only given up 38 rushing yds/game. I think this is it. Georgia is gonna dominate in Tuscaloosa.

Frank's Pick: Dawgs +4.5

1. Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

Here ya go Cleveland, you're my top game of the week. It's the Myles Garrett revenge game. Only problem is, Mason Rudolph isn't under center. Instead, the Browns get to face Big Ben Roethlisberger, who's thrown for 1,016 yds and 10 touchdowns. The Steelers are exactly what they've always been: tough defensive front, disciplined, and experienced in the right areas. The Browns, although impressive so far, are still traveling along the path to greatness; they're not there quite yet. The key to Cleveland's success is in their run game. The big boys up front have been dominating the line of scrimmage on zone run schemes, paving the way for talented backs like Nick Chubb and former Rocket Kareem Hunt. This opens up potential for deep throws from Mayfield out of play action and bootlegs. My only thing I don't like is how much he throws off his back foot. I get that he feels dangerous from time to time, but when you do that against the Steelers, you'll more often than not get burned. The Browns are building something special, but they're still building.

Frank's Pick: Steelers -3.5

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